About us

Yves Böniger and Fundament support the sustainable business models that we are convinced will shape the future.

Entirely owner-run, Fundament is a small but agile company that invests only its own capital.

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    We are passionate about sustainable entrepreneurship, and we invest in startups and SMEs that are able to achieve a tangible impact in respect of sustainability.

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    Long-term investments

    As a strategic investor, we work closely with our startups and SME succession planners and stick with them every step of the way – over the long term.

Fundament Team

We don’t just take care of business
– we take care of our partners.

  • A sustainable future

    Our team has the whole spectrum of skills covered from A to Z – startups and SMEs can rely on our expertise in everything from HR and bookkeeping to marketing and corporate governance.

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    Sparring partners

    We’re not here to police your activities, we’re a partner you can thrash out ideas with and talk to eye-to-eye.

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    Marketing and sales

    Thanks to the expertise of our team, we can generate genuine added value in marketing and sales.

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    Sector focus

    Our focus is on the food sector, including its interfaces with agriculture and the circular economy.

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    We invest only in startups and SMEs that are able to achieve a tangible impact in respect of sustainability.


Rather than leaving issues like global warming and biodiversity loss as our legacy for future generations, we want to tackle these challenges head-on as entrepreneurs.

Switzerland harbours real potential to address social and environmental challenges such as diet and consumer behaviour using innovative business models.

Investment focus

When evaluating potential partners, we base our assessment on a startup/SME’s potential for innovation and growth in accordance with SDGs nos. 2, 8, 12 and 15

(SDG: United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals)

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    Zero hunger

    Achieving food security and better diets while promoting sustainable agriculture.

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    Decent work and economic growth

    Promoting long-term, broad-based and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent working conditions for all.

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    Responsible consumption and production

    Ensuring sustainable patterns of production and consumption.

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    Life on land

    Protecting and restoring land-based ecosystems and promoting sustainable use of their resources.

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Our focus is on the food sector (including agritech, foodtech, and smart farming) and the circular economy.

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    Investing in the future

    The food sector is single-handedly responsible for a third of all man-made greenhouse gas emissions. If we don’t change our production methods or eating habits, we can expect agricultural production zones and land use to account for 70% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.*

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    50% reduction in emissions

    Changing our dietary choices and making smarter use of foodstuffs (e.g. by preventing food waste and choosing a local, sustainable, low-meat diet), can reduce food-related emissions by at least 50%.*

Getting in touch

We work with established intermediaries and platforms, but we also welcome direct enquiries.

Rahel Gerber


Rahel Gerber


Email → beteiligungen@fundament.swiss

Phone → +41 44 515 01 04

Rahel has broad expertise in sustainability, startups, and business development.