We invest in
sustainable business

Ensuring sustainability for the future.

Fundament supports the sustainable business models that we are convinced will shape the future.

Entirely owner-run, Fundament is a small but agile company that invests only its own capital.

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    We are passionate about sustainable entrepreneurship, and we invest in startups and SMEs that are able to achieve a tangible impact in respect of sustainability.

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    Long-term investments

    As a strategic investor, we work closely with our startups and SME succession planners and stick with them every step of the way – over the long term.


We don’t just invest. We’re with you every step of the way with help and advice. In partnership – over the long term.

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    Going through the books together

    It’s important for us to take a look at the relevant figures and contracts, but the insights we gain into your company will be useful for you as a startup.

  • Keeping a joint eye on progress

    We will get involved as little as possible and as much as required. We are collaborators you can see eye-to-eye with, working closely with your company’s founders – think of us as sparring partners.

  • Sustainable growth

    We are looking for zebras, not unicorns. As an investor looking to commit funds over the long term, we are interested in the impact and sustainable growth of an investment.

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    Smart Capital

    We see our investments as “smart capital” – financial support combined with individual expertise and a diverse network of contacts in the fields of capital acquisition, strategy, sustainability and entrepreneurship.

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We know that startups need more than just capital.

We always have time for your questions

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    They say the future belongs to companies for whom sustainability is part of their corporate DNA – and these are the companies we back.

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    Deep Impact

    We invest exclusively in startups that can demonstrate a “deep impact”. In other words, our investments specifically target companies seeking to reduce the footprint of human activity on the environment.

Getting in touch

We work with established intermediaries and platforms, but we also welcome direct enquiries.

Rahel Gerber


Rahel Gerber


Email → beteiligungen@fundament.swiss

Phone → +41 44 515 01 04

Rahel has broad expertise in sustainability, startups, and business development.